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Glem Gas Egypt

Our goal is to satisfy our customers and ensure that what our company provides meets your expectations, contact us. The best engineer of the Glem gas maintenance center arrives to us. Our goal is quality and excellence. You can request service from the branches in the governorates of the Glem gas Egypt agency for home appliances.

The Glem gas Maintenance Center team required expertise to achieve sustainable growth and gain customer confidence in the maintenance processes of all Glem gas devices.

Our customer service team also includes the best qualified engineers and technicians trained at the highest level.

Customer service number HOTLINE 01211114528


Maintenance of the first stove in Egypt and the Arab world Glem Gas Company announces the start of a periodic maintenance campaign on all its products with very huge discounts, The company warns against dealing with any numbers other than the unified number for maintenance.

Warranty Certificate

Glem gas Egypt Approved Service Center in Egypt, We offer a full one year warranty on maintenance provided by our maintenance team, , a certified warranty certificate for spare parts, Original spare parts are available for the maintenance of Glem Gas built-in ovens, we have cars that will reach you wherever you are, the repair is immediate 30% discount.

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technical Support

Technical support for Glem gas Egypt Approved Service Center in Egypt, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical home appliances, and Glem gas Electronics has been manufacturing and selling ovens, and other home appliances for 30 years. Glem gas Center provides all maintenance services to customers .

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Customer service

Glem gas Egypt Service Center customer service works around the clock, in order for you and your family to enjoy Glem gas devices, we receive your calls and receive reports throughout the day, communicate with us and submit your suggestions, and you can also report faults of Glem gas Egypt devices through a request for home maintenance call us.

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Spare parts

The Glem gas Maintenance Service Center is a long history of expertise and excellence, which repairs ovens, etc., so the center provides original spare parts, parts, and original components for all Glem gas appliances, a certified warranty certificate for spare parts, customers expect for immediate maintenance at home within 24 hours.

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Glem Gas Egypt Our Services

Maintenance of Glem Gas cookers and ovens in Egypt, which is one of the best types of ovens in the Egyptian and international market, through its high sales and its strength derived from the advanced Glem Gas brand, which is considered one of the best agencies in the world in terms of manufacturing, quality, capabilities and after services sale. Glem Gas is the best company in Egypt. We have all the highly efficient Glem Gas services such as maintenance, customer service, spare parts and technical support.